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Giving digital art a try

2017-05-28 17:08:44 by BaldSiren

So, i've been playing around on my iPad with Procreate. What à Slippery surface! Wow how do all you talented artists do it?! Everyone on cintiq..? O_o  should i just try mouse and PC or is it à learning curve?.. any how, i ended up here Thank to Draw with Jazza on youtube, and decided to finally give in to my desire of trying digital. Sooo many talented people here, what an inspiration!

I really want to learn how to work these tools, always loved digital art,stand alone paintings,Games everything!, never understood how to get there.. But today With an iPad, and Easy access to tutorials, it finally feels possible to get som insight on how to do it, maybe?.. :)  


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2017-05-28 19:40:03

Now you have the chance to do what you always wanted,so good luck and have fun!


2017-05-28 19:57:32

You should definitly try with a tablet. What's important in your case is starting so don't buy an expensive tablet when all you need it's a fonctional one.

You can find some affordable products out there(even Wacom). Youtube is full of tutorials regarding pretty much every digital painting software ever created. Just pick one and learn it.

Get use to thinking your art through a painting program. You'll soon notice that you don't approach your art the same way on paper in traditional art that you would do on digital.

Also don't be on the hurry. Learning takes time. Get ready for frustration and discouragement but don't you give up. Those who are incapable to digital paint mostly don't succeed because they give up when they should actually train regularly until their art improves.